2016 Edition of our IT Governance book released

September 3, 2015 at 8:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

The 2016 edition of IT Governance: Policies and Procedures has been released.  You can find it on Amazon or at the publisher’s website here.



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  1. What are the changes compared to the 2015 edition?


  2. The 2016 Edition brings you:
    – New chapter (Chapter 12) that shows you how to optimize your IT team using a zero-based approach. We will show you the best practices for:
    • calculating how many people you really need;
    • determining what to outsource; and
    • minimizing the number of staff required and still providing excellent service.
    – New chapter (Chapter 28) on how to manage innovation within your IT organization. We will show you the best practices for:
    • leveraging your current assets;
    • creating an innovation strategy;
    • fostering a climate of innovation; and
    • avoiding the pitfalls when implementing change.
    – Guidance and policy for managing employees’ use of LinkedIn (Chapter 23).
    – How to implement an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) process that can dramatically increase the business value provided by your software development team (Chapter 24).
    – How to create a unified communications policy that encourages collaboration (Chapter 23).
    – Tips on managing the transition of a system from end user to IT control (Chapter 30).
    – Lessons from recent major security breaches and best practices on how you should respond when it happens to you (Chapter 32).
    – Tips on how to better manage email to and from others outside your organization (Chapter 32).
    – A new policy on managing PHI (protected health information) (Chapter 38).
    – A new worksheet for evaluating new technology (Chapter 28).
    – Over eighty IT policies that you can use right away to better govern your IT processes.
    – Actual sample policies on the enclosed CD that you can modify for your own use to enforce proper governance of IT within your organization.
    – New and updated worksheets on the enclosed CD that you can use for planning and documentation of your critical processes.
    – Proposal templates, checklists, tally sheets, worksheets, tables, logs, questionnaires, and agreements for quick reference and adaptation to your particular needs.
    – An updated glossary with the latest IT and business terms.


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